My question is related to this one Illustrator: Auto-sized Text box with shaded background?

What I want is an auto-sized Text box with a black rectangle border. It should look like this:

Is it possible to do this in Illustrator?

  • Yes . You can after creation select the texbox and give it a stroke. And you can use textbox objects a inset. OR you can use the make square effect.
    – joojaa
    Jan 14 '20 at 18:55

It's basically the exact same method in the question you linked to.
Merely apply a stroke rather than a fill.

  • Select the type object
  • Add a new stroke to it via the Appearance Panel.
  • With the stroke highlighted in the Panel, choose Effect > Convert to Shape > Rectangle and adjust the settings

enter image description here

The "box" will then auto-size to match the text.

enter image description here

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