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Inkscape: How does one disable object stroke absolutely?

Immutable Stroke Configuration The image below shows a couple icons I am working on. I need to define bounding boxes for the icons to ensure there size is always the same. The problem is when I color ...
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Photoshop: align transform box with an selection area

In Photoshop, if I have an existing rectangular selection area that is at an angle, can I align the transform box to its sides? I tried "Transform selection" but it transforms the selection ...
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Spread out letters to fit the box (Gimp, Affinity Publisher)

I would like to produce a logo similar to this one: The characters in different lines are different sizes, but the width of the bounding box in every line is exactly the same. How to achieve such ...
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Photoshop: prevent path from escaping image bounds

In Adobe Photoshop, I have many existing images each with several saved paths. With many of the paths, an anchor point extends outside the bounds of the image, as seen below (path shaded in 3px blue, ...
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Adobe Illustrator guides not snapping to Bounding Box handles

I can not seem to snap a guide to the handle of a bounding box. Is this not a functionality Illustrator has? Thank you
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how to get rid of Illustrator selection tool bold outline on topmost object?

Recently while I was working on illustrator, I noticed that instead of outlining every object I selected with the same box, the top most object within the selection would have a thicker, bold bounding ...
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Problems with text boxes after saving file in inkscape

After saving my logo in inkscape, I'm facing a problem with the text's boxes and alignments. The problem is that when I'm going to open it on krita as svg, the textbox is way bigger than the one I ...
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Turn on bounding box individual for every selected object?

Is there way to see bounding box for every selected object individually? Example: Right now i can only see individual bounding box for text only, but i want to be able select multiple objects and see ...
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Illustrator: Auto-sized Text box with a rectangle border (no fill)?

My question is related to this one Illustrator: Auto-sized Text box with shaded background? What I want is an auto-sized Text box with a black rectangle border. It should look like this: Is it ...
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InDesign bounding box - stroke issue

When I draw a rectangle, the bounding box covers also the stroke, unlike Illustrator that keeps it on the vector path. How to deal with this problem? See attachment for a better understanding.
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Precisely resize editable text in Illustrator

I want to be able to resize editable text (to a precise numerical value) but it goes by the bounding box, which is slightly larger than the text is. The only way to reduce the bounding box on editable ...
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I cannot see the bounding box in Illustrator

I am quite inexperienced in using adobe illustrator. Usually, when I select something it shows a bounding box around it but for some reason, it doesn't have it. I already tried Ctrl + H to show the ...
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Bounding box and groups in Illustrator

In the past I have been able to group objects and use the bounding box to center my selections. I checked "hide bounding box" and it is not active. I've also checked "hide edges" I also can't rotate ...
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Is there a way to "Reset the bounding box" in Adobe InDesign?

Is there a way to "Reset the bounding box" in Adobe InDesign, like in Adobe Illustrator? *This is a very important feature in here because sometimes rotated objects need get a linear-basic space, ...
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Bounding Box changed position

Recently in Illustrator I have found that my bounding boxes have changed position! I think that I did this with some arcane key combination, but I have been unable to reproduce it. Please see picture ...
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Align text in exact center (vertically and horizontally) without creating outlines?

In Illustrator, how do you align text in the exact center of a shape for example without creating outlines. If I go to center text using the align palette, Illustrator aligns the text to it's bounding ...
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