I am wondering if there is a function in InDesign if you have multiple pages in one document to place into the file it can have them loaded? Just like when you multi-select different files to place and it has them loaded to place on the cursor. At the moment I am just clicking to the page in the import options and placing them in one by one.

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The multi-place cursor happens because you select multiple files to be placed.

It doesn't happen if you are placing the same file repeatedly. 1 file = 1 place, doesn't matter if the file has multiple pages.

If you are placing a multi-page PDF, there's a script.. Choose Window > Utilities > Scripts to open the Scripts Panel.

In the Scripts Panel under Application > Samples there is a script for PlaceMultiPagePDF -- On a Mac, it's actually located in both the Applescript samples and the Javascript samples.

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