That's it.

  • Select with magic wand, hit mac Backspace or Fn+Backspace for delete does nothing.

  • Also cut is greyed out on the contextual menu after opening it from the selection.

  • The correct layer is selected in the layer menu.

  • The settings cannot register fn+delete as the shortcut for layer-deletion and it says disabled on the column of the shortcut/keybinding

  • There's no floating selection.

  • Also Command+X fills the selection with the current background color in the palette rather than showing the transparent layer ...

  • It looks unusable from Mac.

My work around is to copy and paste the inverted selection to a New Layer... not great.

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  1. The layer has no alpha channel, so cannot be transparent (layer nales of alpha-less layers is in boldface in the Layers list). Use Layer > Transparency > Add alpha channel to allow it to be transparent(*).
  2. The layer is also probably pixel-locked, just click the lock icon to unlock it.

enter image description here

(*) An alpha channel is not added by default when an image is imported from a a format that doesn't allow transparency, such as JPEG. This can be changed in Preferences > Image Import & Export > Import policies`


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