I want to draw some square tiles on wall in illustrator , so i must create grid on wall , Is creating grid by line segment tool correct?
how to color squares created between lines? here is a picture of my problem enter image description here

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Draw your grid flat and create a pattern.

  • Create a rectangle
  • Choose Object > Path > Split Into Grid... To define the number of sections.
  • Fill your sections with whatever colors you want
  • Select the entire grid and drag it to the Swatch Panel to create a pattern.
  • Draw another rectangle which will be your wall (just draw a straight rectangle)
  • Fill the new rectangle with your new pattern
  • Choose Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Mesh
  • Enter 1 row and 1 column for the mesh and hit OK.
  • Select the Free Transform Tool
  • Click a corner handle THEN hold down the Command/Ctrl+Option/Alt+Shift keys and drag to create the perspective appearance.
  • Move your new pattern filled wall into place.

enter image description here

Adding the Envelope mesh allows the pattern to distort along with the encompassing rectangle. Without the envelope you'll get a distorted rectangle but the pattern within will still be square and flat.

Note: You could also use the perspective grid rather than the Free Transform Tool.


You can also convert your lines into a LivePaint object and use the LivePaint fill tool to color them.

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