I realize this is a super stupid question but I do not know how to create a grey color with the swatch palette. Here is what my current setup is. Isn't there some color scale that is strictly greyscale where you can select something between black and white?

Here is what I am currently working with in terms of options:

enter image description here

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    Do you want pure grey or an RGB grey?? Setting all the RGB colors to the same number will equal a grey.
    – Scott
    Dec 22, 2014 at 4:06

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For a grey value in RGB, you need to set all 3 colors the same. So R195 G195 B195 is a grey. Higher numbers mean a lighter grey, lower numbers are darker.

In addition, you can also simply use the tint slider on the Color Panel after clicking the "Black" swatch. This will yield greys as well. You can also drag those tints from the Color Panel to the Swatch Panel to reuse them.

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