I have an English document. I need to paste some Hebrew text instead of the English one. How do I change the default font so that all the text I paste will be in this new font?

All I could find is how to change the default font for new files.

  • Do you have the multi-language version of InDesign? – Scott Jan 15 '17 at 17:04

The default font is controlled by the [Basic Paragraph] style sheet. You can edit this in a new document you've just opened, in an existing document, or without any documents open.

The [Basic Paragraph] style is in the Paragraph Styles tab.

enter image description here

To edit the style, double click the title, or right click > Edit "[Basic Paragraph]...

enter image description here

There you can set the default font settings for any new copy you place in your document.

enter image description here

If you edit this with a document open, the changes will be for that document only. If you edit this without any documents open, the changes will be saved for any new documents you create.

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