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How can I print the odd page spreads than the even page spreads when printing a booklet in InDesign?

I've created a 40 page photo book in InDesign. They are 8.5X11 portrait facing pages and I'm printing the book using the Booklet printing dialog onto 11X17" paper with 2 page signatures on the ...
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Keep page numbering fixed when shuffling pages for impositioning - InDesign CS6

I am trying to imposition an InDesign booklet myself because I have to export as a PDF. I am going to print from a printer that doesn't have InDesign. I made a copy of the document and then I am ...
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Printed booklet changes margins on every second page

I have encountered a very strange problem. I am printing booklets (abt. 80 pages) where one page is in A5 format, the arranged booklet-pages by InDesign are all in A4 and I have to arrange these ...
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Exporting two pages as one in PDF file

I am designing a booklet: the print house needs the two sides of the booklet to be on a single PDF page. When exporting the PDF from Scribus, I found a way to make it such that PDF viewers display the ...
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Print saddle-stitch booklet that isn’t a multiple of 4 pages

At the last print shop I worked at there was a trick while imposing a booklet that allowed us to print booklets that weren't in multiples of 4, where "half a section" (maybe not the correct technical ...
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Does a sewn booklet need to be printed differently from a stapled one?

I am making a booklet. I am going to sew the pages together instead of having my printers' staple it. I am aware that when a booklet is intended for stapling, a calculation is made and the design is ...
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Creating booklet "templates" for users with no design experience

Currently, we design print booklets in Adobe InDesign. We create hundreds of these booklets a year, the design and layout is mostly the same, some content and images are swapped out on each. We ...
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Booklet Layout Question

I am on a deadline to print a booklet for our church choir and am having trouble with the layout. I have 12 pages, and am using the print booklet feature, but I need to print this from our printer ...
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Pages are in the wrong order when printing a booklet from InDesign

I am trying to print a 24 page booklet from InDesign and it keeps placing my pages in the below order: 24-1 23-2 22-3 etc Please let me know what I need to change with the attached image settings.
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InDesign: correct page order for printing tri-fold brochure

I have designed a trifold brochure spanning 6 spreads in InDesign using individual pages. My print-shop tells me I have to arrange them into two pages (each containing three of my spreads), one being ...
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Printing booklet with Glossy Cover? [closed]

I need to print a booklet but want the cover and back cover to be glossy paper, the other pages inside the booklet i want to be regular paper. I use fiery command workstation for printing. Can anyone ...
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Can I print a booklet from an .indb instead of a .indd file

As best I can tell I can't print a booklet from an indesign book file that combines multiple indesign document files. The prepare book for printing command seems to prepare it to be printed to be ...
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Print Calendar Booklet Style, so I can staple correctly

Trying to assemble this calendar: To be clear, this is an illustration of a screenshot of a zoomed out version of what I see in InDesign. There are 28 pages. I go to "Print Booklet" select "2-up ...
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Is possible to design a book in Illustrator or Photoshop?

I have to design a book, It has 24 pages include the cover page, one of pages size is A4.. Let me know, What is the suitable Adobe software for my design.. Can't I design this book using Illustrator? ...
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One cover...several body pdfs

I have a folder with 200 different complete 4-6 page pdfs. Doc1, Doc2, etc. One for each customer. I want to attach a single 2-3 cover pdf to each of them, and save the resulting bunch...Doc1a, Doc2a,...
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Print Booklet feature in indesign is Shuffling my pages?

Indesign has a very handy feature only id doesn't seem to be working for me. I have set up a 20 page document with facing pages (1 being the cover and 20 the back) the second page is designed to be ...
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Help with booklet design - images straddling pages

I have a few questions regarding booklet design. The page orders are scrambling my brain! Firstly I cant work out how an image that spreads across the front and back cover should be placed. (Given ...
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Vertical Page Layout Print Booklet Prints Does Not Print Correctly

I'm printing a duplexed booklet with vertical master spreads using the instructions by Cari Jansen (great tut) But when I go ...
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How would you represent text on the same place but with different images on each side? [closed]

I've been working on a booklet for a client but I have no idea how shoud I do it I have to put the text on the exact same place for every page, I can't get pass this one! Any idea?
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