Yeah, as the title says - how can I get printer marks in inkscape 0.92?

Found this https://itstillworks.com/12597955/how-to-add-bleed-marks-to-inkscape which says:

Click the "Extensions" menu, hover over "Render" and select the "Printing Marks..." option to open the Printing Marks window.

Ensure the check boxes labeled "Crop Marks" and "Bleed Marks" are checked.

But I don't have such a menu in Inskscape 0.92, Ubuntu 14.04?

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The menus have changed a bit in 0.92, but the extension is still there.

Click Extensions > Render > Layout > Printing marks

enter image description here

  • In 1.3.1, they have seemingly changed again, because these are now at: Extensions > Document > Layout > Printing marks.
    – appas
    Commented Nov 27, 2023 at 7:47

The question was about 0.92, but in 1.3 the menu changed again.

Printing marks in this version are placed at Extensions > Document > Layout > Printing marks.

Hope it can help someone.

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