I made a quick illustration to demonstrate my problem. In this first picture I have 5 stacked objects; the upper and lower lip, the surfboard and two sets of teeth.

enter image description here

I want the bottom teeth to overlap the surfboard. But when I move it up the stack, this happens.

enter image description here

Any tips on how I would make the teeth and the lips seamless without giving up the positioning?

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Two ways:

Clipping Mask

  • Using the Direct Selection Tool > select the central path of the inner part of the lower mouth shape
  • Menu Edit > Copy
  • Menu Edit > Paste in Front
  • Close the shape and selecting it together with the teeth group, go to Menu Object > Clipping Mask > Make

Clipping Mask

Shape Builder

  • Select the bottom mouth shape and the teeth group
  • Using the Shape Builder Tool and pressing Alt to delete, click on each tooth segment inside the mouth.


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