What's this style of design called?


enter image description here


[UPDATE:] I should have posted more examples, here's another and I'll look for more: http://www.fajnechlopaki.com/

enter image description here

I'm talking about styles like "grunge" or "elegant" that if you search for you can find more designs that look like that.


The style is basically Constructivist. It was a dominant style in Soviet Russia in the 30s and 40s and still influences graphic design in that part of the world today (no coincidence that your examples are German and Polish). Bauhaus and Art Deco were both influences.


I don't know if you can be that specific, but there's probably some Bauhaus poster design in there. Take a look at Jan Tschichold/Herbert Bayer...


wherever i know its grid/column based design approach with a round and some modification to look asymmetrical different (don't know why he used round),its completely based on semi fluid layout.

Mostly its designed by full page divided into desired symmetrical/asymmetrical size..horizontally /vertically depends on designer

Detailed explantion about grid system

Hope it helps....

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