I recently found an amazing fractal image that apart from his beauty it fascinated me for the texture present in the petals: enter image description here

The problems is that after days trying with the wave filter (and some other techniques) applied to some lines, I realized that is impossible for me to imitate the neon-like effect.

I have made countless searches in Google, without any luck; so this is my last resort.

Question: How can I replicate the texture, or where can I find something similar?

Thanks for reading.


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Wow, that original fractal image is amazing.

I think you should be able to make something like the portions you’re after, just using Photoshop and a few filters. Here’s a really quick and hacky attempt.

enter image description here

And here’s how I made it.

Make some fibers

enter image description here

Blur 'em

enter image description here

Motion blur 'em

enter image description here

Levels 'em (more contrast)

enter image description here

Add a gradient map

enter image description here

Because, gradient maps are the best thing in the world.

And you're pretty much done. I just did that again on another layer, used a little bit of Filter → Distort → Wave, and painted some soft dots on another bitmap layer under the gradient map.

The PSD!

Download: Plasma lines.psd.zip

I hope that helps!

  • The image is best fractal flower have seen so far.
    – Rosenthal
    Commented Oct 28, 2014 at 4:49

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