I am trying to create a fishing net in adobe illustrator. I have created an ellipse object and created the mesh but adding a stroke via the appearance panel only does it to the border of the mesh object not the internal lines (see the picture below). How can I add a stroke to the internal lines to create a net appearance? If this is not possible with the mesh tool how would you create a net in illustrator? enter image description here

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Mesh lines are not actual paths. You can not stroke them like other paths. Mesh lines are for construction.

If you wish to have a grid of lines, you need to create that grid. Then you could use a mesh to transform, distort, and otherwise alter the grid. The easiest way to create a grid of lines is by using the Rectangular Grid Tool.

enter image description here

While dragging with that tool the up, down, left, and right arrow keys will increase/decrease the amount of grid sections.

enter image description here

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