I'm really new to designing, and im trying to replicate illustrator's text highlight, to my original image. Here is the effect that im trying to replicate: effect We can see that the 'you' is highlighted, i did this, just by selecting the text in illustrator.

I know you can't highlight text in illustrator, but we can use a rectangle instead. Here is what i tried:

  1. Make a rectangle the same size as the one in the picture and place one layer below the text.
  2. Change rectangle color to 'E3DFDF'
  3. Change opacity to 80%

This is what i got: what i tried

I couldn't replicate the same effect, and would like some info on how to produce the same effect.

I'm using illustrator CC.

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Place a white box over the top and change the Opacity Mode in the Transparency palette to Difference. The document colour mode needs to be RGB.

enter image description here

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