I am using the brush in black color in photoshop CC but the brush follow the cursor with lag. It is not about performance issues, since if I move quickly the cursor the brush move quickly behind the cursor, but if I move it slowly, the cursor move slowly too, but always with some lag, if I draw a short line, as soon as I stop the cursor the brush start to go slowly.

I want it to work as previous version of Photoshop where the brush just follow withouth lag

I have a very good PC and have tryed to down the preferences of drawing and giving more RAM and virtual space in the disk but the same problem appear

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If you're using one of the newest Photoshops (2018..2020), it has Brush Smoothing ON by default. You can find the setting in the Tool menu on the top: values greater than zero will make brush follow the cursor with some delay to allow to smooth flickering and hand shaking. Here's the difference between drawing with smoothing and without:

enter image description here

Note that I also have Show Brush Leash While Smoothing option turned on that shows a little magenta line that represents the delay.

  • That was the problem, Thanks!
    – D4rWiNS
    Jan 14, 2020 at 14:48

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