Some of my software tools generate images with transparent backgrounds. Using Krita, how can I quickly replace transparency with a background color?


  • Of course it would be easiest if the image was generated correctly. This is not possible right now.

  • With GIMP I used the following workflow, but the equivalent steps don't work in Krita:

    1. Open image

    2. Select "Flatten image" (replaces transparency with default background color)

    3. Save image

  • my current workaround is to open the PNG and save as JPEG :D
    – lofidevops
    Feb 5, 2021 at 18:40

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I would put a layer below the transparent object with the color I need and flatten it.

The additional steps would be to create the background layer and paint it.

Keep a copy of your original assets.


In Gimp, for a single layer (so without flattening the image)

  • Start the bucket-fill tool
  • Set to Behind mode
  • Set to BG color fill (or use Alt-click in next)
  • Bucket fill the whole layer (without using a selection)

This will "fill the holes" exactly as needed (especially the semi-transparent pixels on the edges).

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