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Gradient stops for metallic cylinder effect

I'm trying to diagram a metallic piston inside a metallic bore and I am struggling to get a coherent 3D effect using gradients. Following image shows my attempt: This is a hemisected bore with the ...
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Why do so many graphic designers suck at making gears?

Disclaimer: Post contains rantish tone, possibly even sarcasm! Lazy designers or those with feelings that bruise easily may take offense. 🤣 I see it all over the place. Like 9 out of 10 gear icons (...
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the most effective procedure to trace a scanned sewing pattern?

This is the type of the image I am hoping to autotrace I have gotten to the point of tracing in Adobe Illustrator as stroke. Obvously the text tracing doesn't work and I will need to retype it or run ...
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General method for perspective drawing - how does it work, and how does one place the image plane?

Based on the picture with the green and blue squares in this post, I tried projecting a cube drawn at a generic angle (so it had two sets of receding lines with respect to the observer). Only, I was ...
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Need help scaling in perspective

I'm having what feels like a very dumb problem when it comes to scaling. I'm trying to draw the interior of an apartment while also drawing a city view in the background. I'm struggling to properly ...
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Software for drawing interactively via voice commands or command line interface

I'm not sure if my post is better suited for the Software Recommendations Stack Exchange. If so, then perhaps migrate it there. How hard would it be to design a computer program where you could use ...
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Line wont disappear when using unite tool

I copied and reflected the overall body of the shirt on the right. I then united the reflected and original shape, but the line going down the middle will not disappear. Does anyone know how to get ...
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How do I find a cone of vision not located on the horizon line?

In Scott Robertson's How to Draw, he briefly explains to the reader what happens when a person (acting as the station point in this situation) tilts their head up and down, while viewing the same ...
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What is a good software to make technical and/or schematic illustrations about space and orbital dynamics?

I'm currently using Inkscape to make some sketches as reference frames and simple drawings regarding space and orbital dynamics. But I've some difficulties when I have to draw an ellipse, its focus ...
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What is the software used for drawing like this sketch? [closed]

What is the software used for drawing like this sketch?
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Easy program for technical draw?

I would like to ask you, which program for technical draw (for non-graphic people) is most suitable? It should be quite easy to understand... it is for my older colleagues at work. :-) Thank you for ...
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Art, image creation using hand and software [duplicate]

In several youtube links I didn't find a guide on how charts make figures of this kind. Surely it could be Adobe Illustrator, the first candidate but surely it could be some other program. To create, ...
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Software to help me create an approximate route (just sites and arrows) on a map?

I'm in the middle of writing a thesis on the most authentic Exodus route (following the clues given in the bible). I would like to demonstrate on a map the sites and locations where the Israelites ...
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Converting picture to vector formats

I tried to convert a model drawing to vector format (dxf) automatically with programs such as CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, etc. but it fails due to gray tones near to black lines. I thought if I used ...
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Technical drawing for logo design, what is your workflow?

3D printing is trending and some of my clients are asking for logo design be done ready in 3D with CAD blueprints. Meaning when I do my regular 2D logo design, I have to make sure it can be re-created ...
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Random wave / zig zag lines in Illustrator?

Is it possible please to achieve the "Desired Effect" (as below), randomly, using an Illustrator tool, WITHOUT having to: i) use the Pen tool, and ii) the Zig Zag effect? For your info @joojaa, ...
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Constructing a basic shield from primary shapes

I was wondering if it's possible to create these relatively basic shapes from the primary geometric shapes (i.e. polygons and ellipses - particularly circles, squares, and triangles). You don't ...
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How do I denote (shade/hatch) a curved surface in a technical drawing?

I am creating some 2d technical drawings, is there a standard way to shade/hatch a curved surface?
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