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Kane Display Stencil looks close


I'd say this looks pretty angry, via


I guess there's no established way to present angriness with typography. One can in theory create such practice if he controls some very popular information channel, but I haven't seen it's already happened. Thus there's no way to select an angry font for the following text: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor... ...


You'll more than likely find something that fits the bill on Blambot. There's a small enough selection to look through them pretty quickly. I might recommend Ripsnort, Big Bloke, Trash Cinema, You Murderer, Chainsawz, Entrails, and Always Angry. (After checking, it's possible their license requirements have changed since I last visited. Make sure your use ...


DMCA Sans Serif is the general-purpose typeface. Version 9.0 has 3309 characters and 32 styles. It also has a subreddit, github issues section and a discord.

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