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You could try the Camcorder typeface from Badmeangood. It's a very complete type family by a designer who really loves the CRT aesthetic.


I think we need to separate out a few possibilities. If all you want to design is a logo, you are only going to design the logo once, and then you no longer need the font. In this case, there are no ongoing licensing issues, you only need to pay for the font once and install it on one computer. In this case, obviously you could use a free font, but the logo ...


Making a font is relatively straightforward. Making a font that is well kerned and has a wide array of weights and a wide language support is not. There is no inherrent correlation between quality of a random font vs it being paid or not. But its hard to find families of well made fonts in open source (for example ones have print specific optical variants. ...


Here are your answers: 1. What are the advantages/disadvantages of one over the other? One is free, the other you don't pay for. That's it. 2. Does the font really matter? No. Overall design matters. (*Note - typeface and font are generally used interchangeably. Historically, and more accurately, a font is a subset of a typeface. For example, Helvetica is a ...


Contact Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. It’s a working village museum of the victorian goldfields and the printer there still uses original equipment. I’m pretty sure this is one of their reproductions.


It's a stencil font, basically, but the gaps are bigger than on most stencil faces and the horizontal strokes thicker. It's sort of like a Didone or modern face with the thin strokes deleted. Try "stencil Didone font" or "stencil modern serif". Commercial Type have a few fonts like this-Dala is good, or Dala Moa, or Le Jeune is more of a ...

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