A reverse image search brings up the design archive this came from, as well as some details. It's CS Beta Bold https://www.experimentaljetset.nl/archive/comingsoon Judging from the details provided by the archive, you likely won't be able to obtain a license for this family.


I think it may be this one. Either 'Silk-serif Semi-Bold' https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/silktype/silk-serif/semi-bold/ or 'Silk-serif Medium' https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/silktype/silk-serif/medium/ It looks more like the Semi Bold.


I think it's either Amston Villa or Bulgatti Regular With some manual vector tweaks after the fact. Hope that helps.


It's ニューシネマ B from Fontworks, manually slanted (Japanese fonts usually don't come with oblique). There's also ニューシネマ A which has more "orthodox" shapes, but if I don't see wrong, the glyphs have stencil cut-outs so that I can identify to the other. This kind of typeface is categorized as シネマフォント "cinema font", which emulates the lettering style of (...


It's entirely likely that it's a custom design. The giveaways are that there's a gradient fill, two outlines, and an associated graphic element in the same style. There are many "gamer" fonts out there that you can use with free licenses, but a lot of them, including this one from RBLXWARE, breaks many traditional typeface design practices and principles.

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