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I need a font like this but don't know which terms to look for

johnp already mentioned using an automated font identification tool might prove troublesome without a rendered sample, but you could always just make your own rendered sample. It doesn't have to be ...
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How can I know what fonts a website is using?

Option 1: Use a browser extension (Easy) Extensions such as WhatFont (available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari) make it quite easy to detect font families of any text in a webpage. You just need to ...
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Font from old 70's American engineering schematics

Because of the time period these are most likely hand drawn. Probably using stencil, to save time*. Using a stencil explains why 0, O, I, 1 and also the foot of R are done this way, simply they are ...
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What font is used on the "Passengers" movie poster?

This probably is a custom type based on some different fonts. The basis seems to be Neutraface N°2 Medium and/or Aramis Light or SemiLight. Inspiration also seems to be taken from Revival and maybe ...
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I need a font like this but don't know which terms to look for

If you are looking for a font which specific features, I would recommend using font identification apps/sites based on the traits you have in mind. In your case, it would be helpful to upload your ...
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What font is used in this computer academy certificate? Check the attached image

Trick - lasso then copy/paste individual letters, straighten then search the result. What The Font is pretty lenient on imprecision, once they're straight-ish... It has to be said, though, that ...
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Font from old 70's American engineering schematics

Coniglio Sublime looks like a good digital match for that stencil, albeit with a disambiguating hook on the '1'. DIN 17 SB isn't too far off, but its rounded letters like "C" have vertical straight ...
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Font from old 70's American engineering schematics

Man, this is a blast from the past. I worked in a mapmaking company in the early 1980s. The draftsmen and -women used Leroy lettering. This was a little self-contained pantograph that traced letters ...
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Can't find a font with this slanted 'A'?

Font name :- Dolce Vita from http://muraknockout.com/dolce-vita/ by MuraKnockout Media + Design
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Font from old 70's American engineering schematics

If these were lettered with ink then they used a set made by KOH-I-NOOR lettering set that had templates with the letters routed into plastic and a slot that ran the full length of the template (they ...
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Can you please help identify these fonts?

Font used for main product names (BASIL, SEA SALT) is probably Old Newspaper Types The font used for NO. 02, NO. 19 & HERB, SEASONING and the digits is probably Telegraphem Both are available at ...
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Font identification dificulties

This is Eurostyle Ext2 Bold About identifying it. I did it successfully on WhatTheFont!, the issue I guess you are having is due to the blurriness of the font, or because you are trying to locate it ...
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Looking to identify the font used for the River Road Ice House logo

I am almost positive the font is Mesquite Std with some text effects probably done in Illustrator. See example:
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How can I know what fonts a website is using?

Browser's 'inspect element' isn't perfect Using the developer tools of your browser is a good way to see which fonts are declared in the CSS of a website. This doesn't show which font is actually ...
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Font from old 70's American engineering schematics

The standardized font for most CAD programs is ASME Y14.5M (not the catchiest name but it does its job): It changes ever so slightly over the years, including differentiating 1 and I and 0 and O ...
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Can you identify this font used for the text Bonbons?

I think this is Edwardian Script but the capital B is an alternate character. The Pro version you can buy on MyFonts includes it in a stylistic set if you look through the character set. The inline ...
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What is the name of this classic serif typeface with large round counters?

Using just the 'Top table' part of the image and skewing it a bit, WhatTheFont! gave either University Roman or Celtic MN as matches. University Roman Celtic MN
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What is the font used for Winter Bash 2016?

Winter Bash The font is a modified Heritage Font. Here is an example: Alternate letters were used on the t and h, then some freehand editing was done to complete the effect. 2016 The year is ...
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Font from old 70's American engineering schematics

you might wanna check: http://fontzzz.com/font/10006_engineering_plot.htm almost perfect match, just reduce the height a little and there you go.
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Closest Google Font to Amazon's new "Amazon Ember" font?

I have found a link to download the Amazon Ember font and all weights on the Amazon Developer website. The file download also includes the Bookerly typeface. https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/avs-...
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Typeface like Times New Roman but with "tied" percent sign

There are probably hundreds of fonts which fits your description, so finding one that fits your taste might be like searching for a needle in a haystack. I assume that the font needs to be free, so I ...
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Sticker font - what is it?

That is Officina Sans. Designed by Erik Spiekermann and distributed by ITC. Quite popular in the late 90s.
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What font is used on the "Passengers" movie poster?

You can get a similar effect with most fonts by using a Greek capital lambda and xi, as in: PΛSSΞNGΞRS I know it's not entirely what you're asking for but you might be able to get a similar effect, ...
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Which font is used in this 'Google Fonts' image?

It probably looks like Newsreader https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Newsreader
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What font is used for the intro of The Joy of Painting?

From that era it's probably not a computer font but a phototypesetting typeface. Many have never been vectorized. I looked though an 1965 Photo-Lettering Inc. catalogue and found one with a similar ...
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What font is used on this Danube Dragons T-shirt?

I tried to separate the letters as suggested by Andrew Leach and What Font is finally delivered the correct result :) The font is called Angryblue: Thx for your help!
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What font is used for this 85 years logo?

WhatTheFont had trouble with the first example image, but gave me the correct font as a result when using the (now removed) second example image... Colonna A few things to note... It would be ...
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