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Here you go: var doc = app.activeDocument; var layer = doc.activeLayer; var b = layer.bounds; var layer_width = b[2] - b[0]; var layer_height = b[3] - b[1]; // put the layer in center var layer_center_x = b[0] + layer_width/2; var layer_center_y = b[1] + layer_height/2; var doc_center_x = doc.width/2; var doc_center_y = doc.height/2; var shift_x = ...


One way: use an action to quickly convert layer pairs to single layers. And then use Export > Layers to Files. Setting up the layer-merging action This action deletes layers once used, so only run it on a duplicate of your PSD. Recording the action can be tricky, as selecting layers in the layers panel often creates layer-specific actions. To avoid ...


Might be too late, but here's a Pinned Layers plugin in Adobe Marketplace for Ps v22

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